Re:Zero – Starting life in another world

Re: Zero – starting life in another world was an absolute whirlwind. The main character starts of grocery shopping then ends up in a different universe and then dies, tragically, all in one episode!

This anime will definitely play with your heart like no other. You will fall in love with the characters. Especially, the main character, Subaru, an idiotic teen who loves video games (who doesn’t?). 

Throughout the anime, Subaru’s character goes through drastic changes as he faces death head on. This anime will make you laugh, cry and cringe in disgust. 

The animation is wonderful. Everything right down to the little details in the trees is there. It is very pleasing to watch. 

However if you are squeamish this is not for you. The episodes become rather disturbing as the show continues. 

The plot is rather intricate and each episode leaves you desperate for more. 

It centers around the main character, Subaru, and the woman he loves, a half elf. 

I would definitely recommend. 5 stars! 


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