Anime, Review

Your Lie in April

The main character, teenage boy named Kousei, hasn’t been able to play the piano ever since his mother passed away. 

Kousei had a gift and many were inspired by his playing. His friend tries to pressure him into returning to the piano but his fear of failing and certain regrets will not let him. 

He mets an extraordinary young girl, who like him is very talented at playing an instrument. She blows him away with her music. 

This anime has such a beautiful plot. The romance between characters and even the backstories will have you reaching for your tissues.

The sound track is absolutely superb. I personally love classical music but even if you don’t you should watch it for the storyline! 

The animation is quite beautiful as well. I found very little flaw. 

This anime deserves a five out of five stars in my mind. 

I hope you enjoy! 


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