Anime, Review

Yona of the Dawn

Fabulous anime, absolutely fabulous that is all I really have to say. 

I began watching this because I saw a picture of the main character Yona on a fan site and thought the animation was superb. I was right. The entire show, there was not a scene I thought was terribly animated.

The plot was interesting. A sweet and innocent princess named Yona is betrayed by the man she loves. She must leave her home to survive with her childhood friend and find sacred guardians to protect her. 

This anime is sort of like a Harem but the focus is on Princess Yona’s struggles, not the relationships. Although there are definitely some good ships. 

I personally found the fight scenes in Yona of the Dawn rather tame but they fit the anime well. It is definitely not something to watch if you love robots, gore and detectives. Altough that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. 

I would rate this anime 5/5. I was left on the edge of my seat, desperately wanting more!

Hope you enjoy. 


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