Heyo! Yes, it’s me again. I’ll be reviewing animes similar to; Death Note, Your Lie in April, Magi, and Ouran High School Host Club.

I am totally open to suggestions. As you may be aware, I have a lot of free time, so I have no problem binge watching 25 episodes for you. Trust me, no problem.

This is a bit more of an in depth look at the author of these reviews. We will look at something along the lines of, “Hey, who is this and why are you so judge mental towards such good animes?”.

I should probably start off with a proper introduction first though. My name is Sarah and I am from Australia. Oddly enough I only have an accent when I say three words. No, the words aren’t something cool or odd but rather when I say hamburger is sounds like hum-bug-ah. I also say photo and Australia with an accent. Or so I’ve been told.

I’ve played four instruments in my life. The flute, the guitar, the clarinet and the piano. I quit all of them in a rage because I didn’t particularly enjoy how much practice was taking away from my free time.

My all time favorite food is pasta. Any kind of pasta and I’ll be off in a blissful heaven. I enjoy fruits and veggies as well. Actually I really like green peppers for some reason. Not sure why.

I’ve had many best friends but only two that have stayed by my side through the hardest of times. For that I am thankful even to this day.

I have a little brother, who is the most annoying potatoe looking creature on earth, yet I love him dearly.

I am judge mental towards these wonderful animes because…

what else would I do in my free time?

something productive?

Haha I think not.

The image used above is not mine

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