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Yona of the Dawn

Fabulous anime, absolutely fabulous that is all I really have to say. 

I began watching this because I saw a picture of the main character Yona on a fan site and thought the animation was superb. I was right. The entire show, there was not a scene I thought was terribly animated.

The plot was interesting. A sweet and innocent princess named Yona is betrayed by the man she loves. She must leave her home to survive with her childhood friend and find sacred guardians to protect her. 

This anime is sort of like a Harem but the focus is on Princess Yona’s struggles, not the relationships. Although there are definitely some good ships. 

I personally found the fight scenes in Yona of the Dawn rather tame but they fit the anime well. It is definitely not something to watch if you love robots, gore and detectives. Altough that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. 

I would rate this anime 5/5. I was left on the edge of my seat, desperately wanting more!

Hope you enjoy. 

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Your Lie in April

The main character, teenage boy named Kousei, hasn’t been able to play the piano ever since his mother passed away. 

Kousei had a gift and many were inspired by his playing. His friend tries to pressure him into returning to the piano but his fear of failing and certain regrets will not let him. 

He mets an extraordinary young girl, who like him is very talented at playing an instrument. She blows him away with her music. 

This anime has such a beautiful plot. The romance between characters and even the backstories will have you reaching for your tissues.

The sound track is absolutely superb. I personally love classical music but even if you don’t you should watch it for the storyline! 

The animation is quite beautiful as well. I found very little flaw. 

This anime deserves a five out of five stars in my mind. 

I hope you enjoy! 

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Death note

Death note was an interesting anime. The anime’s main character is Light Yagami, a student who come  across a diary that gives him the ability to kill. 

The plot line of the show is very straight forward. A young male becomes drunk with power and the police are helpless to stop him. However soon enough a detective by the nickname of L arrives and the plot thickens. 

I constantly found myself lost or simply astounded by what was happening or how the characters had reached certain conclusions.  

It would be the animated equivalent of Sherlock, I guess. 
Death note is a fast paced anime with older styled animation. There are no epic fight scenes. 

There is definitely romance in this anime but it is not main focus of Death Note. 

I think this anime deserves 3.5/5 stars. Hope you enjoy! 

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The anime Servamp had a strong plot line. Centering around two characters, Mahiru and Kuro. 

Mahiru takes a cat in, which later turns out to be a powerful vampire, Kuro. From then on they are bound together by friendship and necessity. 

As Servamp progress you will find it pulls at your heart strings. You will more than definitely become emotionally invested in the characters. Every character seems to have a tragic backstory, which is always good for a sobfest. 

There are plenty of opportunities for ships. Don’t you worry! 

The animation in this show is absolutely stunning. The fight scenes are a thing to behold. 

I would say over all this is definitely a must watch anime. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. 


Re:Zero – Starting life in another world

Re: Zero – starting life in another world was an absolute whirlwind. The main character starts of grocery shopping then ends up in a different universe and then dies, tragically, all in one episode!

This anime will definitely play with your heart like no other. You will fall in love with the characters. Especially, the main character, Subaru, an idiotic teen who loves video games (who doesn’t?). 

Throughout the anime, Subaru’s character goes through drastic changes as he faces death head on. This anime will make you laugh, cry and cringe in disgust. 

The animation is wonderful. Everything right down to the little details in the trees is there. It is very pleasing to watch. 

However if you are squeamish this is not for you. The episodes become rather disturbing as the show continues. 

The plot is rather intricate and each episode leaves you desperate for more. 

It centers around the main character, Subaru, and the woman he loves, a half elf. 

I would definitely recommend. 5 stars!